Peru to Colombia: not Columbia

After Machu Picchu we spent 2 days in Cusco recovering and getting ready to head to the sun and warmth of Colombia. It was nice to spin the clothes in my bag and bring the shorts and pinnies that had been so neglected for the last 4 months to the top of my bag. As … Continue reading Peru to Colombia: not Columbia

Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

**Still having problems with the cloud, unfortunately I am now on a beach and am likely too sunburnt too look for a ladder... It is definitely easier to wake up when you are really excited to see something. This was definitely the case on the morning of Machu Picchu, even Becca got out of bed … Continue reading Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

La Paz: reunited with Ivan and Tash

The day after conquering death road was a necessary rest day. I also seem to have picked up some kind of bug and spent most of my day ensuring I was within 50m of the nearest bathroom facility. We did grab lunch with Lou and Thibalt, a couple from Belgium we had met in Calama, … Continue reading La Paz: reunited with Ivan and Tash

Van Captain Log: Day 1

We woke up in a parking lot in Punta Arenas and had to scurry to find some loo's, which is making itself to be one of the more difficult part of the journey. Although and THIS IS BIG NEWS...we found peanut butter!!! This may not seem like a huge deal but down here, almost at … Continue reading Van Captain Log: Day 1

Our blog name finally makes sense!

Wow, what a 3 days it's been. On March 12th we waited essentially the whole day while Christian and Isabelle cleaned and prepped Alfonso for our meeting. When we finally got the call to head over it felt like we were headed to our prom date's house, waiting to watch them come down the stairs … Continue reading Our blog name finally makes sense!

Tips: Viña del Mar, Valparaiso and Concón

We took an hour and a half long bus from Santiago to Viña del Mar for 4 days. We met lots of people who just did day trips to Viña or Valparaiso (Valpo as it known by the locals), but it's worth it to stay there for a few days! These three towns are pretty … Continue reading Tips: Viña del Mar, Valparaiso and Concón

Tips: Santiago

Hostel: Forestal Hostel Had good rooms, great location, free breakfast (including eggs), can store your bag for free as long as you want which was awesome because we left for 4 days to go to the beach and didn’t have to bring our huge packs with us. Transportation: The metro is really easy to use, … Continue reading Tips: Santiago


Yes... our mothers would be proud. We have begun packing, clothes are laid out and things are starting to get in order, and this is DAYS before we leave. Becca has been a rockstar in this department, she's got the lists. As is quite apparent from the photos, Kyle is more organized...HA. Mostly we've been … Continue reading Packing…