Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

**Still having problems with the cloud, unfortunately I am now on a beach and am likely too sunburnt too look for a ladder... It is definitely easier to wake up when you are really excited to see something. This was definitely the case on the morning of Machu Picchu, even Becca got out of bed … Continue reading Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

Volcano Villarrica

It turns out that the 5am alarm was only for me, so I could wake up and get the water boiling while Becca caught a few more minutes of shut eye. At 5:30, I woke her up with a cup of coffee so I didn’t get yelled at, and we ate breakfast in the outdoor … Continue reading Volcano Villarrica

El Chalten

El Chalten, the home of the Fitz Roy traverse has been on my bucket list since I got into climbing and discovered my love for the mountains. It’s also the logo for my favourite clothing company.. so that can’t be a coincidence. We rolled into town after fighting Patagonian winds for a couple hours on … Continue reading El Chalten

Torres Del Paine: Part 1

Nature has a way of at one point reminding you of a place you’ve been then seconds later showing you something completely new. Torres Del Paine National Park is a natural wonder and I get excited just typing about it now. Please, if you’re taking the time to read this, quickly go add it to … Continue reading Torres Del Paine: Part 1