Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

**Still having problems with the cloud, unfortunately I am now on a beach and am likely too sunburnt too look for a ladder... It is definitely easier to wake up when you are really excited to see something. This was definitely the case on the morning of Machu Picchu, even Becca got out of bed … Continue reading Salkantay Trek: Machu Picchu!

Salkantay Trek: Days 3 & 4

**unable to get photos down from "the cloud" will try to update as soon as I can find a tall enough ladder. We awoke sore the morning of day 3. Hiking downhill for 2000m of elevation was definitely a wear on our joints. The day also started fairly cool but promised to get quite warm … Continue reading Salkantay Trek: Days 3 & 4

Salkantay Trek: Days 1 and 2

After resting for a couple days we were feeling ready to attack the Salkantay. After some initial confusion with our guide company and trying to figure out what we were allowed to bring (yah we used donkeys and porters, sue us). It was another early start and sketchy bus ride to our starting point. One … Continue reading Salkantay Trek: Days 1 and 2

Villa La Angostura: We’ll be moving here when we’re 60

After leaving the park we headed for Villa La Angostura, as the weather wasn’t supposed to be great for a few days and we felt we did as much as we needed, minus some hikes, in Bariloche. Villa La Angostura is on the north end of Lago Nahual Huapi and is a beautiful little ski … Continue reading Villa La Angostura: We’ll be moving here when we’re 60

Bariloche Part 2

Bariloche is a very cool city. Known for its chocolate and skiing, what’s not to like?! We used this day in the city to get some errands done (like laundry, which hadn’t been done since Puerto Natales... a mere 3 weeks before). We also discovered some delicious bakeries, a cool climbing gym, and went to … Continue reading Bariloche Part 2

Gobernador Gregores: Apparently our worst enemy

After such a wait for gas we finally hit the road, our destination; a little town called Gobernador Gregores. A small town that route 40 seems to detour to include. We had a couple goals; get an oil change for Alfonso and try to find some wifi after El Chalten’s had been so non-existent. The … Continue reading Gobernador Gregores: Apparently our worst enemy

El Chalten

El Chalten, the home of the Fitz Roy traverse has been on my bucket list since I got into climbing and discovered my love for the mountains. It’s also the logo for my favourite clothing company.. so that can’t be a coincidence. We rolled into town after fighting Patagonian winds for a couple hours on … Continue reading El Chalten