Peru to Colombia: not Columbia

After Machu Picchu we spent 2 days in Cusco recovering and getting ready to head to the sun and warmth of Colombia. It was nice to spin the clothes in my bag and bring the shorts and pinnies that had been so neglected for the last 4 months to the top of my bag. As … Continue reading Peru to Colombia: not Columbia

The Last Drive…

After finally deciding we needed to make a move, Becca and I found ourselves driving back towards Calama at 15km/h up the hill out of San Pedro de Atacama because that was all that Alfonso could muster. Driving up a 15km long road at that speed takes some patience, especially when double decker passenger buses … Continue reading The Last Drive…

Tips: Santiago

Hostel: Forestal Hostel Had good rooms, great location, free breakfast (including eggs), can store your bag for free as long as you want which was awesome because we left for 4 days to go to the beach and didn’t have to bring our huge packs with us. Transportation: The metro is really easy to use, … Continue reading Tips: Santiago

Tips: Landing in Santiago

Getting into Chile: No more reciprocity fee! We came here fully expecting to pay $100USD to get into the country but we didn’t have to! We were trying to be prepared for questions concerning our trip and duration but our customs agent was more concerned with the memes on their phone so that may have … Continue reading Tips: Landing in Santiago

Farewell Santiago

Our second last night in Santiago was spent in a restaurant called Casa de la Lune Azul (House of the Blue Moon), sitting in tattered but comfortable lounging chairs sipping Pisco Sours (like a whisky sour) and Terremottos (literally translated to "Earthquake", because after you drink this wine, pineapple ice cream, and grenadine concoction, you … Continue reading Farewell Santiago

Made it!!

Well a 24 hour travel day is quite a way to start our journey! Left Gabi's place in Toronto (after an amazing steak dinner that even Becca liked) at 10pm on Wednesday night. Now Thursday at 11:45pm local Santiago time (9:45 Toronto time) we're settled into the hostel and helping our families de-stress with some … Continue reading Made it!!