Trip Question and Answers

Trip Q&A

Favourite hike:

K: My favourite hike was definitely the Fitz Roy hike in El Chalten. Not only is it a range that I’d been itching to do for a long time but the hike itself was stunning and just hard enough to make it feel like we earned it.

R: first half of the second day of the Salkantay Trek. All uphill and super pretty.


Favourite street food:

K: I think my favourite street food of the trip will have to be churros. We ate them mainly in Peru but there’s nothing like some tasty fried food when you’re a little peckish. Not too mention that they were 1 Peruvian sole.

R: Bolivian street popcorn. 40 cents per bag and SO good.


Favourite drink:

K: Tough question. I may surprise people but my favourite of the trip was a soda in Argentina that was grapefruit flavour. Nothing like coming down from a hike to cold glass of grapefruit pop. I don’t even know the brand name but it came in a clear bottle with a black label and there was a cartoon bull on the label.

R: Stones beer in Chile. So sweet I could only drink 1 so I never had to get up to go to the bathroom at night, score! Also the Japanese siphoned coffee at the museum in Peru. Coolest coffee I’ve ever had!


Favourite moment in Alfonso:

K: There are so many, but one that sticks out was after we tried, and failed, to hike Cerro Guanco in Tierra del Fuego, we came back to the van soaked. Since Alfonso was so big we all could get changed and then were able to put on a pot of hot water for coffees and tea, and we spent the afternoon drinking hot drinks and watching Friends on Becca’s iPad while we warmed up. It was just a very nice experience and so early in the trip I knew we made the right call when we bought Alfonso.

R: Playing exploding kittens with Ivan and Tash. Also sitting outside of Alfonso after our hike to Torres del Paine. We ate a whole package of cookies and drank a bunch of coffee while we chilled on the ground and aired our clothes out. Well deserved after an 8 hour hike that we didn’t bring much food for.


Favourite tour we paid for:

K: I’ve got to go with the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Not only did it feel like very good value for the money, the scenery was incredible and the hiking was amazing. Not to mention you end up at one of the ancient wonders of the world and get to marvel at some amazing views and incredible history.

R: Salkantay was absolutely amazing, but also Death Road. Wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful so it was a huge shock.


Favourite country:

K: I could go back to Chile every year for the rest of my life and I know I’d still feel like I hadn’t seen it all. There is something for everyone to do in every city whether you’re a foodie or an adrenaline junkie. Especially the south with the fjords and mountains, it’s really a special place and I will be going back.

R: I don’t really have one because I really loved it all, but Bolivia surprised me the most. I think it was because it was the place I was least excited to go to so I was absolutely shocked at how much I loved it!

Favourite hostel:

K: Mundo Nuevo, it was just perfect blend of relaxing and adventure. There was so much to do in the area and the views from the hammocks at the hostel are tough to beat. It may also be because the views from the toilet were so good too.

R: Mundo Nuevo in Minca, Colombia. Unreal. So chill and great food. Amazing bathroom views which I think might be the tipping point for me.


If we did it again, what would we change?:

K: I would change very little, expect maybe to find an Alfonso with slightly better fuel economy.

R: I’d be more careful about keeping my mouth shut in Peruvian showers.


Thing were most looking forward to at home:

K: Ruffles Sour Cream and onion chips.

R: if I posted the list that I actually made on my phone, this post would be 3 pages long. But I guess non-instant coffee is at the top! (Thanks tante Anneke for the real coffee for 10 days in Chile, it was well needed!)

Thing we’ll miss most:

K: I loved how fresh all the fruit and veggies were down here. Where it’s not hipster to only eat an avocado for a meal but just a way of life. I’ll also miss how cheap the beer is. And my beard…

R: ALFONSO. Fresh fruit. All the super cheap street meat. All the great people we met. The lack of responsibility. Everything!!


Things we’ll miss the least:

K: Flushing the toilet pre going to the loo every time in San Pedro de Atacama after I saw a massive spider in the bowl one time.

R: the aftermath of drinking Peruvian shower water


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