Colombia Beaches: and National Parks

After getting back to Santa Marta we quickly made plans to go to Costeño Beach, about 2 hours from Santa Marta to spend some time on the beach, maybe surf, but definitely relax. We stayed at a hostel called La Brisa Tranquila and it was nice, our beds were on the porch of our hostel instead of in the room but our beds came with their own fans so that was a win.

The hostel and beach were both great but unfortunately the ocean didn’t want to play ball and it was kind of dirty, it just had a lot of organic debris in it. I dipped my head in the one time we went for a swim on that beach and I was picking bits of nature out of my beard for days after.

After 2 nights on the beach we were itching to move on because what’s the fun if you can’t play around in the ocean?! So we hopped on some moto taxis (essentially guys who let people hop on the back of their motorcycles and charge you for it, sorry mom) and made the 20 min drive to Tayrona National Park.

The hike into the park was epically hot, we were sweating like pigs by the time we got to our campsite. Again unfortunately, because it was so expensive to sleep in a hammock in the park we settled for a tent and they were gnarly. Sleeping on used children mattresses, in a tent that has no ventilation made for some steamy sleeping conditions. The food in the park was also pretty expensive for what we were getting so after planning on doing 2 nights we settled for 1 night. The positives were that the beaches and ocean were WAY cleaner and much nicer for swimming. So we swam the whole day to avoid going to sleep and got in the ocean very early and the next morning to cleanse ourselves of the tent.

We did see some snakes in the park and it was quite beautiful when you look past the nasty campsites. We then set off back for Santa Marta for the last couple nights of the trip. Don’t worry I’ll write a heartfelt message at some point soon, when the fact we’re leaving really sets in.

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