Copacabana and Puno: relationship testers

We left La Paz early both feeling slightly off, maybe it was the 3 gin and tonics the night before, maybe not. We hate to point fingers. The bus ride was uneventful, we did stop to get off our bus and get onto a ferry, while our bus got onto the sketchiest ferry/barge I have ever seen. Luckily bus and people got safely to the other side. We got to Copacabana early and we had signed up for a tour of the Isla del Sol, an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca that the Inca’s believe was home to their God of the Sun. It was a cool experience to boat on the worlds highest navigable lake and we got a perfect day as well to enjoy the short hike and scenery.

We had opted to keep moving and spend the night in Puno, Peru. So after our tour we got on our bus for a short hour drive to the border, got our “leaving Bolivia” stamp and then as a small invading army of backpackers lugged our bags and bodies 500m across the border into Peru to the immigration office. After getting our Peru stamp we hopped onto the Peru Hop bus and tucked in for a rainy 4 our drive to Puno. The Peru Hop service was great because once we reached the city they arrange to take you right to the door of your hostel, so there is no haggling with cabbies. We got very lucky and the owner of the hostel we chose let us sleep in a private room for the price of a dorm and we got our own bathroom which is always a win.

The next day in Puno we signed up for a tour of the “floating islands”, a series of 80+ man made islands that over 2000 people live on. The islands are made of reeds and each island holds a small family or group. It was quite facsinating to see how they live, each house now has a small solar panel so they can light their homes and some of the “main” islands even get wifi. Some tours let you sleep in a hostel on one of the islands but we were happy with just the tour. I got to take a ride on a traditional reed boat that now uses over 2000 plastic bottles to stay afloat, adaptive.

After the tour Becca was attacked by a nasty batch of food poisoning and we aborted on our 11 hour night bus to Cusco, choosing to stay at a lovely little hostel that had a cheap private room. We were lucky to get our bus moved to the next morning and were able to make it to our already booked hostel in Cusco by that night. It was a rough couple hours for Becca but she’s a champ and we finally landed in Cusco ready to conquer some serious hiking!

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