Bolivia Tour Days 2 and 3: things got salty

The morning in our first hostel of the trip was great because they served pancakes! No maple syrup to be found so I settled for dulce de leche and peach jam, turns out both a viable substitutes for syrup. We got in our chariot for a day of driving and pretty cool views. The first stop was a huge area full of massive volcanic rock towers, so naturally my kind of playground. Before the truck had even stopped I had spotted a tower I knew Becca and I could conquer. The climb was easy and the view was amazing.

The next stop was another cool rock area with a rock the shape of a camel, so it was called Camel rock, and again I was on top of it within minutes of stopping. We then took a pretty long drive to get to our lunch spot, a very cool river/wetland area surrounded by more rock towers. These rocks were home to cool rock climbing rabbits with long tails and some mad skills on the cliffs.

After lunch we stopped quickly at a massive canyon that cut right through the middle of some farmland. Our last stop of the day was an abandoned railroad town that sold craft Bolivian beers. I got one with the Coco leaf in it and Becca got one that we think was made with cactus. Our hostel for the night was a salt hotel, and we have proof because Becca licked the wall. With a 5:15 alarm set so we could catch the sunrise on the salt flats we were all off to bed early.

The next morning was absolutely worth the early wake up. The sun hitting the salt flat and the mountains surrounding it was pretty epic. We spent about 30min freezing our butts off and taking a million photos. Then we went to Fish Island an ancient coral reef that has now dried up and is covered in cactus. That was our breakfast stop and our driver, Andreas, told us to start walking as he cleaned up and he would pick us up. So after 30min of walking we got worried that we were going to be stranded in the middle of the flats. Then in a blaze of glory he came burning out of the horizon to our rescue. Our final stop on the flats was to take all of the classic tourist photos using perspective and random things to make us look mini.

The last stop of the tour was a train graveyard where dozens of trains littered the desert just outside of Uyuni the final destination after 3 days of adventure the fun had stopped. Becca and I said goodbye to our new friends and hopped onto the first bus out of dodge towards the Potosi, one of the worlds highest cities at 4,090masl.

1 thought on “Bolivia Tour Days 2 and 3: things got salty

  1. the rabbits you saw were not actually rabbits, they were chinchillas, a differente kind of desert animal. Almost extinct at some point for their fine fur.


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