Villa La Angostura: We’ll be moving here when we’re 60

After leaving the park we headed for Villa La Angostura, as the weather wasn’t supposed to be great for a few days and we felt we did as much as we needed, minus some hikes, in Bariloche. Villa La Angostura is on the north end of Lago Nahual Huapi and is a beautiful little ski village. Seems to be like a cottage retreat area for people of Bariloche, though they’re on the same lake. Arriving in town, we looked for some hiking and forced Alfonso up some horrible roads to what we thought would be a cool waterfall hike. Unfortunately, when we got near the trailhead, the road was closed and 2 police men were there and made us turn around. So in an over 5m vehicle, I executed a 35-point turn while the police watched emotionless. Fun.

That turn around plus time of the day reduced morale and we decided to just explore the town and get our walking done that way. The town is full of all sorts of great super expensive gear stores and some cool local handcraft stores. Nothing really tooted our fancy, so we made our way down to the parking lot for Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes, where we were going to hike the next morning.

Waking early (well, early for us) we made some breaky and lunch and set off on a 24km round trip hike. Luckily it was pretty flat but offered some great views. This national park is set inside of another national park because of a special species of bush. Yes, I didn’t miss spell, a special species of bush that in normal conditions looks like a bush, but on this particular island they grow to the size of trees and are pretty neat. After the hike Becca, Ivan and I put on our bathing suits and braved the chilly water of Lago Nahual Huapi! Had to do it so we could claim that we swam in Patagonia! It also felt pretty nice considering we hadn’t showered in 5 days. Dinner that night was somber as we realized it was to be our last night in Patagonia, so we had a cheers in celebration and enjoyed some spaghetti and meatballs created by, you guessed it, Ivan.

The next morning we took our time leaving, and having run out of water, used lake water to do our dishes and boiled some for food prep. We had a much more pleasant time with the Argentinian border on our way out and had a very easy peasy time getting into Chile as well (they only took a carrot and half a cucumber!). We got groceries and propane in Osorno, with Becca almost throwing my phone out of the window after her and our GPS app got in a fight. Now sitting in the parking lot of a Shell station about 100km from Pucon we’re excited to start a new chapter and new adventure!!!

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