Torres Del Paine… Part 2!

We left the Torres parking lot to start making our way to Lago Grey. Stopping at a free camper parking lot right beside the catamaran dock for people starting the W trek. We were right beside a beautiful blue lake and in what appeared to be a fairly sheltered parking lot. How wrong we were. Shortly after 3am I was ripped from sleep by the sound of rocks hitting the side of the van. Not sure what that could have been I stayed awake for some time only to realize that it was the wind that threw those rocks at the van. The wind that was now rocking the van so violently it woke everyone up and kept me awake until 6am. Becca told me in the morning that she was prepared to dart out of bed and get to the driver seat in case the wind somehow unlocked our parking brake. It was a pretty surreal experience. Needless to say the sleep we all deserved after the Torres hike was cut short slightly.

That morning the wind had died down only to a tolerable level, one of the vans parked beside us even moved during the night to a smaller more sheltered location. We made a quick breakfast and left for the Salto Grande hike, which was a small 3km round trip from the van to see a waterfall with the Torres range in the background. It was spectacular, the wind was really rocking at the look out point and so we didn’t spend too long in admiration of the falls.

After getting back to the van for a quick lunch we set off for Lago Grey and after battling a VERY poor road (poor Alfonso) we got to the parking lot. The walk to Lago Grey is low key, you get to cross a very sketchy suspension bridge that covers a river. At the end of Lago Grey sometimes icebergs from Glacier Grey make the trip all the way down the lake only to melt at the sands on the south end of the lake. This is where we got to witness an iceberg, essentially beached in the shallow water. It was amazing to see the striking blue colours of the iceberg surrounded by the grey brown waters of Lago Grey. A beautiful contrast in natures colours.

At this point the wind was starting to drive us all slightly mad and our legs, still tender from Torres, were barking at us. So we plodded our way back to the van and enjoyed an after noon tea and some awesome quesadillas made by Becca before sneaking our way back out of the park. Driving the windy dirt road of Torres Del Paine National Park using the headlights of Alfonso made for an exciting drive. We finally pulled over at a viewpoint to curl up for a needed sleep. Onto EL CALAFATE!!!

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