Lago Sofia: Lake Louise’s Chilean cousin, only quieter

What an amazing couple days. We dropped off our beloved Ivan and Tash in Puerto Natales as they were (unfortunately unsuccessfully) planning to organize their W trek. We quickly grabbed enough groceries to last us a couple days, filled Alfonso’s tank and set off for Lago Sofia. On the way, we picked up a few hopeful W-trekkers (they were from Spain and Chile and were lovely). The road they wanted was closed due to construction so we took them as far as the turn for Lago Sofia, and left them with our best wishes.

Entering Lago Sofia, you head down a dirt track (anything other than a MAJOR thorough fair road in South America is dirt) and after about 5 minutes the view hits. What a view indeed, this massive lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and some rolling hills. We rolled to the front of the lake where there is free beach front camping, and maneuvered until we found a nice flat spot to rest for the evening. Turned out that we were sharing the lake front view with a friendly Chilean couple who were camping beside a rock about 100m down the beach.

We cracked open our ONLY beer (my fault!) and kicked out the beach chairs for the first time this trip to enjoy the view and our home for the next 2 nights. Dinner was pasta, naturally, and we cracked open one of our 4 creme brûlée camper desserts in honour of our first camping night in Alfonso, alone.

The next morning we enjoyed the view (with coffee for Becca) and the sun, as it was the first we had seen in about 10 days. After making a quick breakfast and some sandwiches, we set off on a hike to Cerro Benitez, an impressive cliff to the left of the lake. After setting off we bumped into a pair of sweet Canadian ladies from B.C. who were excited to see the B.C. plates that Alfonso shows off. The ascent began but sadly we were chased up and then off the mountain by some very impressive storm clouds. With a warm Alfonso at the bottom of the mountain, we raced back down to enjoy lunch and the laziest afternoon of the trip, while the weather figured itself out around us.

That night we had leftovers from the previous nights dinner and looked at the (super impressive) stars while … sorry this section has been edited by Becca for being too corny. Also apologizes for the late post, Becca deleted my first copy of this post and then we went off the grid for a couple days.

And I felt terrible about it – Becca

1 thought on “Lago Sofia: Lake Louise’s Chilean cousin, only quieter

  1. AMAZING. This looks like a flippin’ dream to camp at.


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