Made it!!

Well a 24 hour travel day is quite a way to start our journey! Left Gabi’s place in Toronto (after an amazing steak dinner that even Becca liked) at 10pm on Wednesday night. Now Thursday at 11:45pm local Santiago time (9:45 Toronto time) we’re settled into the hostel and helping our families de-stress with some “safe and sound” texts.

The first flight was a real shake and bake of an experience, would not recommend to a friend. Trying to sleep while in a dryer on spin cycle proved difficult. Alas, we made it to Mexico City where some local cuisine (Subway) fixed our fatigue and prepped us for our 5 hour layover. Onto flight numero 2, Becca and I had an aisle between us (already needed some time apart). Watched a billion movies and ate some oddly coloured vanilla pudding. Total success.

After the worst Spanish to English to Spanish conversation between us and the Transvip shuttle desk (which we highly recommend), we made it to Hostel Forestal and are looking forward to brushing our teeth and catching some horizontal zzz’s.

Ciao! (Basically fluent).

3 thoughts on “Made it!!

  1. Kyle, I can 100% hear you as I read through this haha. What an exciting journey you guys have ahead of you. I look forward to following along. All the best 🙂


  2. whats mexican subway like? I ask this because I was eating subway today and was thinking “hey I wonder if there is a difference”.
    Like are there taco sub options?
    Or do they have some taco/sub hybrid?
    Or do they even sell tacos….

    …now I want tacos…

    xoxo ya boi TOM


    1. Unfortunately it’s a fairly standard subway. Same stuff as Canadian stores, although they measure their subs in centimetres so that’s pretty exciting!


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