Yes… our mothers would be proud. We have begun packing, clothes are laid out and things are starting to get in order, and this is DAYS before we leave. Becca has been a rockstar in this department, she’s got the lists.

As is quite apparent from the photos, Kyle is more organized…HA. Mostly we’ve been packing whatever we want, thinking we can always buy stuff when we get down there. The copious amounts of lists Becca has made has loosely guided us but we’re probably just going to shove as much stuff as we can into our bags!

Some essentials: a flask, nice socks, epi pens, Backpackers Pantry Creme Brulee, Becca’s MSR Mugmate for her coffee so Kyle can last 5 months with her (without a scathe). I guess polysporin, more than one pair of undergitches, sunglasses, and water bottles can be considered essential too.

We’re bringing a homemade TRX (thanks Ben) so we don’t get fat cause y’all know how much we like our chips and beer.

Technology we are bringing includes but is not limited to; some small solar chargers, unlocked phone, GoPro (which Kyle will use far less than he wants to), enough charging cords to hang an elephant, and eReaders for quiet nights in Alfonso.

All in all it’s hopefully everything we need to get us through a couple months of adVANturing, but also we aren’t traveling to the moon. There’s probably a Walmart on top of some mountain in Chile we could hit if we’re desperate.

If anyone is ACTUALLY that interested in our specific packing list (makes for some good night time reading), let us know and we’ll add a link to our spreadsheet. At the moment neither of us has the mental desire or fortitude to figure out how to do this.

1 thought on “Packing…

  1. Actually, did go to a Walmart in Mendoza, Argentina I believe. Was a touch of civilization before facing “no man’s land”.


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