The Journey Begins

One week today we take off on the beginning of a new adventure! Becca and I have been planning and thinking about this trip for probably 2 years now on and off, so we can hardly believe it is finally happening! So many emotions are running through our heads.

At this point we have a loose plan; fly to Santiago, hang out and explore the city for a few days, then head over to Valparaiso for a couple days and get our feet wet. On March 8th we hop on a flight to Punta Arenas where we meet our van (Alfonso)! Then we begin driving north. Slowly, quickly, it doesn’t really matter, that’s the really exciting part. We are in charge of our schedule. If we want to stay in Patagonia for weeks, we can, if we aren’t loving an area or town, then wheels up and off we go. Other than some certain hot spots we want to explore there are really no hard dates so the trip is going to be very casual. At some point we may try to do a Work Away (a program set-up for people who are happy to offer room and board for volunteer services, at farms or hostels). Eventually we try to resell Alfonso to another traveler(s) who want to explore South America. We’ll pack our bags and start to bus around through Bolivia/Peru/Ecuador, hopefully as far north as Columbia depending on our finances.

From a trip to Algonquin this summer (yeah, I can pull off Crocs)

At the time of this blog post, we still don’t have a hostel booked in Santiago or a way to the airport. We’re currently moving out of our apartment in Canada and trying to store everything so there is still come chaos but we’ll get it sorted out!

See you next time!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

P.S. WordPress selected the above quote. I was going to change it but it seemed appropriate, we’ll see how much shorter/longer we make each other’s respective journeys!

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